Patrick Gallanger

Patrick is a native of the Pacific Northwest but has traveled all over the world. He spent 6 years in the US Navy then went back to school to get his degree in computer Science. He then worked for several DOD contractors which had him traveling all 50 US States, Europe and Asia. He has lived and worked in many different cultures and learned about how different people live all over the world.

During his 16 years living in Europe, he got involved in a Tantra group in Belgium. He started practicing Tantra in 2003 and has be actively practicing it ever since. He attributes the mindfulness and attitudes learned from Tantra to helping him survive stage 4 Cancer in 2008/09. Further, he believes that it has helped him to continue improving himself and his overall quality of live. While he is not happy to teach tantra, he is very happy to teach the concepts and techniques that he has actively practiced for the last 16 years

He has served on the board of a number of AIDS, HIV Prevention and Cancer support organizations since his return to the Pacific Northwest. His involvement in these organization and background in Tantra is why he became one of the founding Directors of Institute de Vie. He has been instrumental in the development of much of the course material, this website and Surviving cancer changed his perspective on life in many ways. One of those changes is an honest desire to help people have a better quality of life.