330 Intense Sexual Pleasure

Note: This course contains nudity and interpersonal contact.

This retreat is a summary version of our Passion & Pleasure Techniques Weekend retreat This is a one day program of courses which blends ancient Tantric pleasure techniques with modern medical science. There are two versions of this course: one is for heterosexuals, the other is for gay men.

The retreat opens with how to look at your “play space” and how it can be modified to give the best possible environment for sexual pleasure using concepts from the Tantric Sacred Space. The next element is a summary version of our Sexual Anatomy course which explores the most common erogenous zones across the entire body. The last presentation before lunch covers physical and mental sexual hygiene considerations and concepts.

The first presentation of the afternoon is the full version of our Touch & Sensual Massage course which presents basics of three foundation concepts from the physical side of Tantra: Touch; Massage; and Breathing. As this is the full version, it is presented in two 45 minute sessions. The final presentation of the afternoon is a summary version of our Whole Body Experience course which introduces concepts and techniques for achieving whole body orgasms. The concepts presented are:

  • Orgasm vs Ejaculation and how to separate them
  • Energy cycle
  • Building sexual energy with 4 special massage techniques
  • Moving sexual energy

There is an optional evening program that includes: dinner; a review of relaxation and breathing; and finally how you can improve your sessions by including options such as costumes, food, and possibly kinks. The evening series is scheduled to complete around 9 pm

NOTE: The cost of this retreat includes lunch. If you want to participate in the optional evening program, there is an addition charge for dinner that should be paid for at check-in.

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