LG155 Course Outline

Sex North of 50

This Discussion Group is for men who were born before Woodstock and their admirers. Is sex is as important as ever? Is it possible you can have better, healthier sex than you ever had before? The areas of focus are the aging body and mind. It touches on  Senior diseases and how they can impact your sex life.

  1. Introduction
  2. Male Sexual Anatomy (summary)
  3. Sex & Senior diseases
    1. High Blood pressure
    2. Heart Disease
    3. Cancer
      1. Testicular
      2. Prostate
      3. Other
    4. Erectile Dysfunction
      1. The Plumbing
      2. The Mind set
    5. Other diseases
  4. How to have a healthy sex life anyway
    1. Your Head Space
    2. Relaxing Techniques