Cultural Exchange Program

Institute de Vie has a Cultural Exchange Program designed for individuals who live outside North America, who also meet the following qualifications:

  • 35 years of age or less.
  • Can read and write English well enough to complete the application
  • Can speak and understand American English well enough to get through the interview process.
  • Is unemployed or can take 2.5 months away from their current work.
  • Can take 2.5 months away from their current living situation.
  • Have a Passport and can get a Visa to travel to the United States.

The Cultural Exchange Program provides successful candidates with a 10 week UNPAID Intern position with a sponsor company in the United States. For that 10 week period the Interns will provide the sponsor company with their time, skills and insights into their culture for 40 hours per week – normally 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

For the duration of their stay, the Interns will have a “Host Family” consisting of 1 or more individuals that will help them get associated with the area, activities and culture. The Intern will be provided basic, accommodations, food and access to local transportation. The Interns are responsible for getting their own transportation from their home to the host location. In some cases, the sponsor company may elect to pay for all or part of the candidate’s round trip air line ticket, if the candidate sufficiently impresses them.

The Interns are responsible for getting their visa to enter the United States. As it is illegal for a for citizens of other countries to work in the US without a work visa. As the Interns are unpaid, they must get a holiday or vacation visa.

The purpose of this program is to allow individuals who might not otherwise have the chance, to experience the American Culture to become liaisons between their host area in the United States and their community businesses back home. The sponsor businesses get language and cultural insight into the region from which the intern comes.