1701 Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting, Jan 11, 2017

Call to order at: 7:30 PST


Board Members present:

Patrick    Gallanger (Additionally representing Eric Vianelle)

Brandon Meyers

Leonard Henderson


Patrick opened the discussion with a request that other board members provide an image of themselves and a short bio for the website.



    -President- Patrick Gallanger

    -Vice President – Eric Vianelle (accepted by Patrick Gallanger)

    -Treasurer- Brandon Meyers

    -Secretary- Leonard Henderson

    -Program Development- Leonard Henderson


-Financial report-

    -There was little to report in terms of finances since the formation of the organization, Board Members should revue the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss documents in the shared Google Drive.

-There was a discussion of setting aside earnings in order to finance CPA for important tax forms, which was left to discuss in the future.


-Fund Development-

    -Patrick requested that Board Members begin thinking about strategies to attract sponsors; considering possible partnerships with sex shops and other locations frequented by sexually active men.

    -Lenny brought up the potential of using College Radio stations for advertising in the future.

    -Patrick suggested coming up with a fundraising event for the end of the year, such as a potluck or dinner.


-Compliance/Policy Report-

    -Patrick informed Board Members that Institute de Vie’s bylaws are standard for the State of Washington and referred Directors to the volunteer handbook for the documents outlining bylaws in detail. A lot of the content mimics the documents Patrick compiled for Empowerment, and is altered to help fit IDV’s mission statement and requirements.

    -To date all filings completed except; signing of board of directors, and IRS tax FN099.


-Programming report-

    -Discussions began with a website review, outlining the new fetishes page, which Board Members are requested to review, and reports of an upward trend in unique users to 70+ a day from ~40 the week before.

    -Board members are requested to make sure to set-up their IDV memberships online so that we may discuss editing control for malesex.org at a later date.

    -As well, there are 4 of 5 course outlined on the IDV’s website which should be reviewed by Directors.

    -The general outline of A Night of Sex Talk was discussed, including the incorporation of different media for teaching purposes such as video and performance, though we would like to continually maintain awareness of the preservation of our organizational identity.

        -Patrick has purchased a one month subscription with Slide Dog, a presentation software that will give instructors the tools to automate the course, take questions anonymously, and get direct audience feedback.

    -Patrick requested Directors make a short video introducing themselves, their gender identity, sexual orientation and story about coming out, or learning about their sexual identity.

    -Board members reviewed the Elements of Desire Quiz, and discussed edits such as the generation of results at the end for viewers to review.

-Patrick has compiled several videos he would like Directors to review to be used in courses.

-Permissions have been requested for the use of the Gender Identity Map from Northwestern University to be used on malesex.org and in course material.

-Lenny raised the discussion of filing with Guidestar, the Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator for additional exposure.

-The Board Confirmed Patrick as the Signing Officer for the organization.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PST

Submitted by Leonard Henderson 1/22/2017