Institute de Vie is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Washington. This page has links for all the operational aspects of the organization.

Board of Directors Meetings
Board of Advisers – Opinions

Board Standing Committees

  • Compliance and Policy Committee – Is chaired by the Vice President and ensures the operations of organization remains legal by maintaining the policies of the organization and ensuring all filings are correct and completed on time. Also this group controls the business calendar, internal communications and does risk assessments on the activities of the organization.
  • Fund Raising Committee – Is chaired by the Treasurer and sets the Fund raising agenda for the organization which includes membership and fund raising events.
  • Public Relations and Advertising Committee – Is chaired by the Secretary and sets the PR and advertising agenda for the organization which includes the websites, advertising campaigns and public relations activities.
  • Program Development Committee – The Chair of this committee is elected by the Board of Directors. This committee sets the programming agenda for the organization. This includes the topics for workshops, courses and support groups offered by the organization.