Institute de Vie is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Washington. This table has links for the organization’s primary documents.

“de Vie” is french for “of Life”

Institute de Vie’s purpose is to improve the quality of life by promoting sexual health and well being through education. Our focus is on helping adults better understand the mechanics of their body and mind with techniques for better control of many aspects of their being.

The topic of sex is one of the biggest taboos in many western cultures even though sex is critical to the continuation of our species. Taboo aside, or possibly because of it, sex is everywhere today. It is in literature, entertainment, advertising and of course the exploding world of pornography. Given the current media and social environment there is surprisingly little quality adult sex education. An important part of our education program is how things like drugs, cancer, HIV, STDs and even aging impact our well being and what we can do about them.

There is a quantity of information about sex on the internet (and in several social and religious communities) that is wrong and possibly harmful. The source data for our educational materials is gathered from studies in physiology, psychology and behavioral research. Where there is a significant amount of scientific research available, not much is understandable to the general public. We interpret those findings into easily understood concepts. We then endeavor to present those concepts in an open, unbiased manor.

As there already exists a number of resources for female health, our initial focus is on education for adult males. Research shows that the human male thinks about sex much more than the female. By educating this demographic, we believe that we will not only be helping the person receiving the education, but that of his partner, as well.