0l-104-03 Intro Review

Hank covered a lot of information in a short time, Don’t worry if you did not get it all, because, it is a good preview of several points we will be covering more in this talk.

The following are a few questions to consider related to that video:

  • Who’s early study showed that the popular perception of what people do sexually is actually very different from what people actually do sexually?
  • Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution are phases of What?
  • True or False: Development of Sex hormones are similar to a tank of gas: your car will not run if the tank is empty, but it runs just as well if the tank is half full or completely fully?
  • What do the following impact in each of us? Social-Cultural influences; External Stimuli; Internal Stimuli – Which impacts you the most?
  • True or False: Sexual Orientation is neither chosen or changed?
  • What is the single most import part of the body when is come to sex?


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qymp_VaFo9M